Saddle Mate

Jump Craft brings to their equestrian clients, Saddle Mate, the perfect saddle room companion. It is simply the best way to organize your tack room.

Piling your saddles up or having to climb up to get a saddle off or to hang the saddle on a high rack, which often results in straining of the back, is an old story now. It is time to organize your horse show jumping saddles and equipment properly and to bring a sophisticated, easy-to-store look to your tack room. Saddle Mates are the best ones to look for, when you wish to keep your saddle and other tack gear within your easy reach. All the basic equestrian kits and tools can be easily managed on the Saddle Mate.

The best in saddle organizers, designed by Jump Crafts creative designers, the Saddle Mate has a shape where the saddles are placed side by side and the height is appropriately designed, to keep it within your reach. It is detailed with the padded top of the Saddle Mate, which provides protection to your saddle.

Saddle Mates come in three convenient sizes, which have space to store one, two or three saddles. And the overall size of Saddle Mate is made in such a way so as not to take much of the limited space in a tack room.

Made from the finest quality of Australian timbers from Jump Craft, the smart design and improvised look of Saddle mate, with the added comfortable approach makes it the best option you have been looking for.

Jump craft products are delivered on time throughout Australia and are custom made and designed to your requirements. Feel comfortable to fill out the order query form for the Saddle Mate of your choice, and we promise to be at your assistance.

Saddel Mate - one saddle length Saddel Mate - two saddle length Saddel Mate - three saddle length

SADDLE MATE 800 – $325.00

SADDLE MATE 1600 – $425.00

SADDLE MATE 2400 – $545.00


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