About Jumpcraft

We are a well-known Australian firm with a thirty-year long history in the timber industry. We offer a large variety of high quality hand crafted cross country jumps for horses. We supply them either with a raw untreated finish, which can be painted according to your choice, or with a natural stain.

These portable cross country jumps can also be customized to suit your need and taste. Individuals, pony clubs and equestrian centers can choose from our long list of cross country jumps’ designs. Our range of jumps has been a popular choice for the cross country horse riding events. The South Australian Pony Club Event also used our popular range of horse jumps.

In designing our jumps, we have been mindful of the safety of the horse and the rider; while at the same time, simulating the natural obstacles that a cross country horse would face. Our jumps are well crafted to test the endurance, speed and agility of the true cross country horse.

The full mushroom jump is available in two sizes: regular and small. It is crafted to simulate a log that would be a natural obstacle in cross country horse riding. The Brush Jump is designed to resemble a fence; whilst the Ski, the Slope and the Arrow simulate a bush or a hedge. Other jumps are designed to resemble ditches and banks. Put together they would truly test the jumping ability of the cross country horse.

Apart from horse jumps, we also offer saddle mates. This handcrafted product is perfectly designed for storing all your tack gear and is a must buy for any tack room. We have designed the product to accommodate one, two or three saddles.

We have offices in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin and deliver nationwide. We also accept international orders. Our products are carefully flat-packed and come with an instruction manual that helps you assemble the jump.

After many years of been involved in the timber industries and supplying hand crafted genuine Australian products and also being involved in the horse world for 30 years, we became aware of a great shortage of quality jumps available anywhere in. As we already had a existing timber business which has been established for many years, it was a natural progression to introduce Jump Craft and our handcrafted of tough Australian Cross country jumps. A long established family owned business continuing the tradition of quality and service Australia wide.

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