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Saddle Mate Released

This brilliant idea is the work of Jump Craft's product design team. Now there are no excuses for your tack room to look more like a spare parts shop. The Saddle Mate will help you keep your tack in first class condition[...]


“The spirited horse, which will try to win the race of its own

accord, will run even faster if encouraged.” – Ovid

Equestrianism is not just a sport it is an ultimate passion.

Over 30 years in the world of horses, and having a renowned name in the timber industries of Australia, Jump Craft has progressed towards the manufacturing of show jumps, bringing the years of art, craft and design to the field.

Our perspective involves providing the show jump lovers around the world a unique experience of the sorts of jumps and the refined equipment to train their horses with.

Our basic approach is to create quality, hand crafted obstacles that bring out a spectacular arena for you and your horses to perform in.

Made from the finest of timber in Australia, Jump Craft provides a complete range of hand crafted, tough Cross country jumps and Saddle Mates, custom made for individual equestrians.

Cross country jumps of all kinds, Mushroom, Table, Pheasant  feeder, Roll, Hay Rack, Slope, etc in various shapes are available at Jump Craft. They are custom made according to your requirements for the size and type. Raw finish, naturally stained or painted, we make it a point to provide you the best in whatever you demand. We supply the best of quality in our products and services, with easy to assemble jumps; conveniently delivered all over Australia.

Jump Craft Cross-country jumps are the best to train your horses on for the big events, while the Saddle Mates are the finest choice to arrange your tack room with. Made from the finest timber, the Saddle mates are available in different sizes. We ensure that our equipment provide appropriate room for your saddles and all tack gear to be stored safely.

Now you need not hold on to your horses, as your new Jump Craft Cross-country jump and Saddle mate is just a click away.

Solid Hand-Crafted Jumps

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